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Neusa E. Silva

Neusa E. Silva is a journalist who expresses optimism about the progress made in press freedom and access to information for foreign entities since the last general elections. This positive trajectory bodes well for greater openness and transparency.

Pamela Hill

Pamela Hill is an actress, voice-over artist, and model known for projects like "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" and the comedic web series "THAT DARN GIRLFRIEND" which she created.

Ana Navasquillo

Ana Navasquillo, a Galician-born actress and artist, developed an early passion for art, fashion, and embodying diverse characters. She trained extensively before acting in productions like "La sexóloga."

Tritia DeViSha

Tritia DeViSha is an Australian actress of Chinese heritage who has showcased her versatility across acting, filmmaking, TV, modeling, dance, art and even yoga instruction. Her diverse background reflects the boundless potential of the multi-talented creative.

Trupti Shah

Trupti Shah highlights the significant economic growth prospects for the Indian Art/Entertainment/Fashion industry, driven by rising consumer demands, increasing Bollywood-Hollywood collaborations, and the industry's overall positive momentum.


Effie is a Chinese-Japanese artist/model/actress born in Beijing. Despite no formal training, her childhood dreams led her to progress from minor to leading roles by learning on the job from filmmakers and her own experiences.

Natia Vibliani

Georgian actress Natia Vibliani's powerful performance in the drama "Dede" delves into the complexities of love, tradition and women's struggles amid patriarchal societies through her character Dina's story of an arranged marriage.

Sarra Hannachi

Sarra Hannachi is a promising young actress in Tunisian cinema, known for films like "Bidoun 2" and "Child of The Sun." From a young age, supported by her family, she has showcased her commitment to challenging societal issues and character portrayals.
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