Queen Kat

-I have a background in the medical field and research. I graduated as a Medical Doctor (M.D.) from Iran and I also have done tons of research in different fields of clinical medicine. I have published papers (three of them as a first author) in peer-reviewed accredited medical journals and won multiple scholarships from Europe as a distinguished junior clinical investigator/researcher. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in University of Washington and Stanford university. Later on, I graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a Master in Public Health. Aside from academia, I have always been interested in modeling/fitness and music (singing) but I didn’t take music seriously until I discovered the fact that I am a songwriter in early 2017 when the revelation (spiritual experience) happened to me. I have been making music ever since. My role models from the entertainment were always Michael Jackson, Queen, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. 
-I have been writing short stories since I was a little kid and have been recording my voice and putting on performances whenever I get a chance since I was seven-years old. When I got involved in the fitness world, I learned by myself how to become an entrepreneur to help my clients achieve their fitness goals. In terms of creating music including writing songs (lyrics and melodies), I had never learned that because I believe that it is coming from God so my job is only to show up and receive the message.

Queen Kat (Sara Miri)

-Yes, it is satisfying for me now since I do enjoy creating music so much. Nevertheless, I also want to achieve global stardom because that was what I had imagined myself becoming in 2017 when the revelation happened and it was actually the motivation to push myself to continue making music and not giving up. 
-I don’t feel there are challenges related to gender now but as an independent artist who is trying to break into the mainstream music industry, I feel like the major labels/executives do not want to take a chance on you unless you have millions of fans. And in order to build a huge fan base/create a major buzz, you would need to have a big budget for promotion/marketing (PR) which unfortunately I don’t at this time… and given the fact that I live in the Bay Area, California, there is not many opportunities here in order to take my music career off the ground. You would need to prove that your creative product can sell huge especially if you live in a capitalist country. Again, this is impossible without putting a lot of time and money in extensive promotion and marketing. 
Modeling and dancing motivated me to get into fitness and then I fell in love with the healthy  lifestyle of fitness. I already explained the music part above. My best fitness tip for 2020 is “to believe in yourself and remember that consistency is a key in fitness” 
-I write to the beat and I also create the music by telling the producer what I want (my vision for the song) and what instruments I hear in my head, etc…I advertise my songs in SoundCloud and social media
-I’m open to offers from major labels or perhaps any major promotional companies to help me promote/market my brand and grow my fan base before I release my music (a single followed by my first debut album) within the next 5-6 months. 
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