Laura Monaco

Laura Monaco
I come from a family of professionals, educated people, but not artists. Since I was a child, I have always had creativity and imagination, in addition to building games for me and my cousin, I have always organized small shows with plots written by me and costumes designed by me,     I convinced to play my cousins in this way. I attended private schools and singing and acting were encouraged there. I believe that my fantasy has resulted in art, in different forms.
-I have always admired Italian neo-realism and traditional Italian Bel Canto. I love literature and storytelling cinema. But I haven’t Myths.
-My study path was technical, I am an architect, but after graduating, before qualifying for the profession, I enrolled in an acting academy, but I had already been studying singing for years. After a year of training I started working in the theater. I have never stopped training and updating both in acting and singing. Instead, I have never done writing courses, but I have been writing practically forever. I wrote an architectural book currently published, songs, poems, short stories, children’s shows, comedies and a crime novel and I intend to write much more, but I’m not sure I want to take a writing course, mind continues to study acting.
– like to tell stories and I just need to tell them well. But unfortunately today without a little fame you can’t even work, especially in Italy. So I hope to get some notoriety.
-Being a woman provides a higher level of challenge in our society. There is no gender equality, it is not true, at least in Italy. Unfortunately, the stalemate of uninteresting encounters and unprofessional people are a reality. However, much you try to avoid them.
-Lately I have been working on works written by me. But I am very critical of my work. Unfortunately, in the cinema and television sector, I have no choice. In a theatrical context, I ask to read the complete text and ask for explanations on the overall project, I am very selective, I need to absorb and learn and experiment, so I discard what does not resonate or does not test me.
Laura Monaco
-It’s difficult to reconcile professional and personal. For years, I have put my work first, but I have clearly changed priorities. First, we must aim for happiness and be better. To be an artist you have to bring out our soul, in my case I’m not a Bohemian so if I’m sick it doesn’t get much artistic. Today I aim for personal fulfillment, to have a family. Having my goal of my life clear, my art is more joyful.
-For six years, I had my own theater which took me a long time, allowed me to act less and write much more. Soon, I will come out of my shell and be an artist again without a seat … At the moment I am writing a series, and I am waiting to make a film, postponed because of the pandemic. These are the upcoming projects, I hope this moment of standstill passes quickly to start again with the flight.
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