Savannah Vinson

Savannah Vinson
My family is located in a small town called Harrison Ohio. I grew up living on a farm. Then I started out competing in pageants all around the world, since I was a little girl. One day at the mall, I got scouted to be with my first agency! I was with the agency for about a year then signed off, managed myself, graduated high school a year early and moved to NYC at age seventeen by myself only to sign with modeling/acting agencies. 
Growing up, I always looked up to the iconic Marylyn Monroe, and how she left a name for herself in the modeling/acting world. Marilyn is actually related to me, she is my distant cousin. Also, I loved watching Miley Cyrus in HANNAH MONTANA. I loved how she pursued her career at a young age and showed the world you can always do more than one thing. 
Back in Cincinnati, Ohio, I went to a modeling/acting training. They taught me everything from walking a runway, how to apply makeup, castings, auditions etc… 
I am very happy and blown away with what I’ve done with my career so far, but I want to continue to grow myself and work with iconic brands. 
Even being a signed professional worldwide model, I come across challenges here and there with creepy photographers who try to take advantage. It has gotten way better since the two photographers of Victoria’s Secret have been exposed. 
New York is the city of opportunity! There is always something going on. It is the world’s melting pot. I have met the most talented people being in the big Apple. 
A lot of my work is from my agency’s, but they are all non exclusive meaning I can book work on my own. Being in this industry is all about connections! Network network network. 
My biggest achievement is modeling for Vogue Italia and modeling multiple times for my favorite artist Chris Brown which is his brand black pyramid. 
I’ve been dancing since I was a little girl. I specialize in hip hop, tutting, and jazz. I love how I can express emotion while dancing. Modeling is just like dancing it’s a routine. I love dancing to music I can connect to. 
My advice for anyone who is wanting to enter the dancing field needs to be passionate. When learning a dance, don’t copy another dancer, make your dance your own and put your own twist to it. It’s all about personality. 
I balance my private life and professional by making free time for self care to rest my mind from the hustle since this is a 24:7 career. I always put a day or two to myself. You need to take care of your body like a temple.
Savannah Vinson
I’m currently in a new movie that comes out next year on the hallmark channel. I’m super excited for you all to watch it! 
Due to the coronavirus all my shoots are currently on hold due to the outbreak pandemic and so I’m focusing on myself and working on social media influencing brands. Since the outbreak, the news just talks about the virus, and damage it has done. So, to get people’s mind off the issue while on lockdown I like to post positive content and offer support and virtual hang outs to still connect with my friends and followers. 
You can check out my work on my Instagram @_Queen.Sav_
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