Brenda Colson-Richardson

by Sherif Awad

Brenda Colson-Richardson


This is Brenda Colson-Richardson from the USA

I was a sibling of nine children, six girls and three boys. I have singers in my family. I sing but that is not what I always wanted to be I always wanted to be a model ever since grade school I will look at the Fashion I always tried to imitate Fashion World InDesign. My role model fun TV was Clair Huxtable (Phylicia Rashad) I love watching model Iman her clothes her walk.

-Well I was picked up by John Casablanca I signed with him, they trained me and I never stop I took in everything I can learn from them, and I’m still learning…

-I’m not satisfied because I haven’t achieved everything I want to, but I love what I have. It’s still things I want to accomplish to be on a magazine cover, I’ve been in a magazine but not on the cover and that is my goal.

-The only challenge I think I run into is age they mostly want models between 16 and 18, but I am able to pass for a 20-year-old, so I am still getting work.

-The current situation in my country is the virus it has slowed the model industry down a little the runway down a little everything have been pushed back

-Most of my casting has been virtual lately I’ve had some in person, but I love it the excitement it give, casting can be scary sometimes but it also fun and excitement I love doing it.

-I approached the work that’s given to me serious I give my all to it and I put everything I have into it, because I never give up no matter what don’t give up.

-My greatest achievement is being chosen to go to the Expo in Texas.

-Well I love children I teach in school I love telling them my story about never giving up on your dreams put your all in everything you do…

-My advice to the newcomer is the never give up keep striving no matter what they tell you, you can get it, you can do it. If they knock you down get up and get it done don’t let them scare you don’t let them put doubt in you because you can do all things

– First of all, I love what I do but I do have to watch not to get over book so I keep a calendar to alert me when I have too many audition plays or travel. I have It to alert me so that I want neglect my family and my friends but this is a good thing for me because I like being busy.

-Will do a fashion show which will take place this April and to travel to the Dallas to do a Expo and I have a photoshoot next week.
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