by Sherif Awad


Vanessa (Vanessa Miessa de Micheli) Goulartt comes from a family of Brazilian artists: Her great grandmother Eleonor Bruno, her grandparents Nicette Bruno and Paulo Goulartt, her uncles Paulo Goulart Jr and Beth Goulartt and her mother Barbara Bruno were all artists and part of her life. She had a degree in performing arts from CAL - Casa das Artes de Laranjeiras. In 1985, she received the APETESP Award for Breakthrough Actress for her performance in A Cegonha Boa de Bico . Vanessa also is the owner of Vinho em Foco, a drinking space in in São Paulo. “ As I have a family of artists, the interest in arts came natural”,  says Vanessa. “I always enjoyed playing on theater, interviewing people and performing since I had a very young age. Among the renowned artists I loved, were Drica Moraes, Helousa Perissé, Fernanda Montenegro, and Hebe Camargo, these are national references. I love Dustin Hoffman internationally. I can say that we are always learning. Studying and above all observing the world and the human being. We are in constant learning. I began to think about the responsibilities of this influence. When we know that our attitudes inspire people, we become more concerned with the messages and examples we show. I believe that flying new and big flights is very important to me. I would rather like this international exchange, I believe it would add a lot to my professional life”.

Like many Latin countries, Brazil is a great country with huge cultural and historical heritage. Yet, seriocomic environment is still a challenge. “We a very difficult time”, adds Vanessa. “Brazil has never been an example in cultural public policies but now strangers in a setting where art and culture are considered unnecessary. This is very sad. That’s why I always making new works whenever it is possible”.
Vanessa is currently presenting a radio program on World Radio called Dezpadronizada (Depadronized). She has a future project for theater on singer Aracy de Almeida.

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