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by Sherif Awad

I was born in a family of four where dad is a doctor, mom used to be a nurse and an older sister as a software engineer. I almost doing nursing at University of Calgary as my bachelor but I chose to stay in BC and did my bachelor in Theatre. 

My childhood was all about performing and the stage emphasized who I was. After school started, I had to leave the performing world because of the loaded classwork. Nevertheless, my heart was still attached to be a performer. I then worked hard to get in the Fashion Industry while being busy with school work. After being in the industry for a decade, I started to shift myself into TV & Film industry which was encouraged by my acting instructor from my Theatre program at UVic. 
I enjoyed watching Tyra Banks shows when I was little, but I never wanted to be her. We are all unique individuals, and we can be as successful in the things we are doing only when we know ourselves and be ourselves. That says, using our strengths to find our success.:)

I was all by myself for my first 10 years in the Fashion industry. Born in a medical family with no one else working in the art /entertainment really made my situation harder then anyone else. Even so, I believed that time would speak for my effort. Action is always louder than words although it can also be harder.

I am very satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in my life so far. I have a 9-5 job while sparing my other time for modeling, acting and working on my side business which is running the fashion shows. I never care about fame because I value my own privacy.


Profession doesn’t follow by gender; gender doesn’t speak for one’s success. A way to success is make people around you families than enemies. Learn to support; learn to respect. 
Vancouver is the so called second Hollywood because it’s got the beautiful scenery for filming. It’s Fashion scene isn’t as big as filming, but it’s been seen as one part of Vancouver. Vancouver is a multicultural city. Its art/entertainment industry has closely tied different cultures together. It’s something that will never change. 
I don’t like to sell myself but I always make sure to present myself well. My experience with working in both Fashion and TV & Film industry is longer enough so people can easily relate to me when there’s a project coming up. 
I just did a fashion show as a model last weekend. And now working on the other two shows coming in earlier next year. Our lives is like a show always running, and We are the only ones to decide and to control if we want our lives to be a good show. “Know our strengths and play with them…”
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