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My name is Jamila (In Arabic, Jamila, a common name,
means beautiful) Choyce.  I was born and raised in San Francisco, Bay Area, California, USA.  I am the youngest of seven siblings.  My mother instilled into her children the value of education. Therefore, I have several college degrees.
I enrolled into the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.  That is where my passions for fashion developed and grew.  When I was in college, I embarked upon the world of acting and modeling.  My roles models in modeling were Beverly Johnson, Iman, and Tyra Banks.   My role models in acting are strong African American actors such as Loretta Divine, Viola Davis, and Alfie Woodard…
It is imperative for you to study your craft.  If it is acting, go to acting classes, workshops, or anything that is related.  In terms of modeling, you should attend modeling workshops and seminars. 
I am content with working with producers, directors, fashion designers etc. who have integrity, honesty, and working with people who I trust.  A certain status is not imperative to me. I enjoy acting and modeling regardless of the “achieving stardom worldwide” status. I act and model for the excitement and the joy of it!
I believe that men control the fashion/entertainment industry.  They have very little regard to the needs of women.  For example, it is torture walking around with in 4” to 6” inches high heel shoes.  They are not comfortable at all, but most men are not sensitive to the pain and damage of high heel shoes. 
I believe that Plus Size Models struggle more than 0-6 models.  It is very difficult for Plus Size Models to walk in high heels, and historically they have been marginalized and ignored in the entertainment/fashion industry. 
Another point is that women are over sexualized, and there bodies are not protected when filming and photoshoots. It seems that we are not considered to be emotional human beings, but only objects. 
However, the opportunities are enormous and vast.  If you have a dream, goal, or vision, it is a great time to implement it.  The internet and social media has brought the world closer together.  You can become anyone or anything that you choose.  The only limitation is you and your imagination. Cable Television has exploded with opportunities for acting and production.   Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and others has changed traditional television in America.  
I approach the work that is offered to me with patience, diligence, and research.  I want each project to reflect who I am as an artist. 
My future projects consist of promoting my website www.JamilaJayPlusSizeModels.com, my clothing line Jamila Jay Fashions, and my Intimidate Apparel Line Courbee Couture Intimate Apparel.  In October 26, 209, I have fashion shows scheduled in Los Angeles.  In October 2019, I will taping my show Jamila Jay Plus Size Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I am looking forward to television appearances and contributing to Plus Size Fashion Week around the world. 
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