Biljana Obradović

by Sherif Awad

-As a singer and songwriter from Serbia, music was actually my biggest and the first love of my childhood.My idols from childhood were: Frank Sinatra, John Travolta, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Elton John, Randy Crawford, Eros Ramazzotti, Zdravko Colic & Oliver Dragojevic. My first instrument was an accordion and my first teacher was my deceased father. I then started learning music from elementary school until the music academy. Now, I am a professional musician, singer and songwriter. I play piano, keyboard, guitar while also being a teacher of music.
-It was a lovely time to learning something new every day and so I felt stronger and more powerful because knowledge is power. I worked hard for many years, playing piano, keyboard, learning music theory and practicing my voice with a big pleasure and true dedication. I worked in many clubs while finishing all my studies at the music academy. I had many performances, and so it was one very hard and exhausting period of my life. Yet I always enjoyed every moment of it because music is my life... That’s was and huge experience and a good life lesson.
-It’s nice to be famous, but isn’t easy and everything has its price. For me, my music is more important than celebrity. I would love to have my music heard around the world and live much longer than myself.
-Sometimes there are challenges because I am a female artist but not too often. Many people in the beginning have prejudices just because I’m a woman.But, it doesn’t bother me at all, because I’m used to dealing with it. For example, here in my country, Serbia, many people think that playing keyboards is more of a man’s job, and so a lot of them don’t even believe that I really play it. I approach everything I do very professionally and with dedication. I try to always give my maximum at a given moment and I never underestimate a situation that at first glance seems simple.
-Serbia is a small country with many singers and musicians. Everyone would like to engage in music because they find it fun and profitable. Each time has its weight as well as the story. Many music genres are represented here, but the lowest quality ones are unfortunately the most profitable ones. This is perhaps the most painful thing for me as an academic and professional musician, that dominance of Shunde.

-So far I am well balanced: I mostly separate my business from my private life, though sometimes these paths cross. It is very important for me to have my peace of mind and the balance I draw from nature, it is also most important to me that all my close people I love are well. Then everything works as it should and then in business I can give my maximum.
-My current project is one very strong song named BEZ PREŽIVELIH (WITHOUT SURVIVORS). I think and believe that the whole world will soon have the opportunity to hear it.
-I’m working on my fourth album PIANO FOR RELAX VOL.2 – beautiful instrumental music for -piano, called MEDITATION, that we all need today. You can already hear some of the tracks on my official YouTube channel:


-One of the more recent songs, which is a cover of the popular Serbian folk song, is the song FALLEN DUPLICATE in Dixieland Style, which I am the author of the arrangement. Hope you like it.

-For more information, you can visit my official website:
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