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by Sherif Awad

Tamara Medici

-My mother was a teacher and my father a military. I was a very active child with a dream to became a singer from since I was four years-old. My idea about my future was very clear.  I was very creative in design, painting, paper and plastic construction games, with art and music attitude. But when I wanted to join a music school, but my family could not support me at that time. And so, I discovered singing and music just when I was fifteen years-old by independently starting a singing school. My model in music was Shakira while in dance was Carla Fracci. On TV, I loved all the protagonists of the series "Beverly hills 90210". 

-I can tell that the life could prove to be the best teacher for practicing and working your job but the technique is really important because can give confidence to be versatile in everything you do and in all possible way to approach. It is the same if technique and method can come from school or self-taught, but I think with a good guide it will be easier and very fulfilling. 

-I am really happy because I work travelling around the world by living in a cruise ship where I am a singer. I am following my soul and I am satisfied because my CDs came out in all the media world and kiosks in Italy. My first EP was out at Virgin Music Store of Doha in Qatar where my first promotion took place. I went directly making a marketing plane and there I got interviewed on Qatar TV Channel 2.        I'd like to grow in both the music and cinema industries while realizing that my own music give that my figure has appeal much in the Middle East. 

-There are challenges being a female artist: The first one is how to approach people, fans and managers since communication is the most an important thing in all relationships. I do my best to always approach with good attitude and positivity even if there are uneasy or rude moments. This is a challenge with myself. Regarding my career, I have to confess that I am a little bit tired because I need a good manager and good staff, which is not always easy to find on the route like to swim in an ocean full of sharks. But fortunately, I can sing all genres of music: from dance to pop, from jazz to folk so I feel myself versatile and this skill help me to be in comfort with different genres of music.  

-In Italy, the first promotion today are reality shows, where the majors use it like shop window, like this the artist can go immediately on the top ten broadcasting to the radio. Radio and TV are the first channels. the majors have control of that. On the other hand, I am really open mind in new opportunities, especially in other countries, because I love to travel and I prefer to live in a different culture than Italian style. I love Italy, is a country with strong history, great art, food, fashion...  but I love spiritual culture where I can breathe very good vibration.  

Tamara Medici

-Today, the social media have to run together with radio and press. On my website, you can find all   the big events where I participated, all newspapers and press articles about my career in addition to all compilation that came out in Italy and in other countries too with my music inside, like "Buddha Bar", "Macumba Fitness", "Hit Mania"....and so on... About my songs, I choose melodies and lyrics with an inspirational subject that can be a person, or some moment or episode of a life, of course love also...or some matter that I'd like to treat. Social media today are very important and they have to run together with the press and radio... the online communication today is very important because we live in a virtual world: so, on my website you can find everything about me you can read all press and all articles and discover all my album. Please follow me on social media too.  

-For an artist is not good to reveal projects in advance...so I prefer I don't tell now, especially in this particular moment in the world but I can tell that I'd like to have a management in the Middle East, for big events or start a cinema career. Why the Middle East? because I have seen that I have a good response. With my success I'd like to help people around the world that really are in need. Each of us can start now making a small donation to hospitals because in this moment we are really in great need worldwide. This is my cry of love. 




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