Natalia Bilbao

by Sherif Awad

Natalia Bilbao

-I'm from Bilbao, a city in Spain. I grew up in a very loving and supportive environment and even though I was always very creative and performance driven, I was a semi pro tennis player and I thought that would be my career, professional tennis, but I always felt very connected to the arts, theater and film in particular, and so after I graduated from high school, I was accepted at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, for a summer Shakespeare course, and I fell in love with acting and knew that I wanted to be an actress and have a career in entertainment and performing arts.

I always looked to the works by Cate Blanchett, Katherine Hepburn, Aitana Sanchez Gijón, Judi Dench and Alfred Hitchcock. I also loved Tarantino and Almodovar.

-It's an ongoing process, for me, as an actress, my instrument is my body, my voice and my emotions, so I'm very aware of the need to constantly train myself physically and also, stay on a constant search for new ways to tap into my emotions and life experiences. There are many technical things that I had to learn to feel ready to stand in front of an audience or in front of the camera, and I've been very lucky to train with some of the most reputable professionals in the world. I also feel that watching films, TV shows, theater plays and reading a lot is basic if you want to be an interesting actor to look at and connect with.

-I feel very grateful to be able to live as a working actress. I've been blessed with very interesting projects were I've been challenged and have obtained good reviews, which always helps to stay confident. I love acting, it's my favorite thing in the world and obviously, when you get better and better, there is a level of fame that will most likely come along, but I don't seek to be famous just to be famous, I would love to be recognized as a good professional, as an actress that moves people. I'm also lucky to be living in Los Angeles, California, where the amount of creative people and exciting projects is huge. I feel very satisfied to be able to expand my career in such an incredible country, where people work together to create projects of value, which is where I find myself too, working alongside great professionals in creating projects where I can add value as an actress and artist, and also, the USA is the best display window for someone looking to achieve worldwide success, so right now I feel very grateful and inspired to continue my growth.

-I have been very fortunate to work alongside professionals that see me as an artist, regardless of my gender. Ultimately people just want to to hire the best professional for their project and that's how I market myself, as a professional and good actress, and that's what production companies see, a professional and reliable individual.

My country, my home now is the USA and I think the amount of creativity here is very impressive. As a friend of mine here in Los Angeles says, People come to LA to become the best version of themselves, and I couldn't agree more. I find myself in this hub of possibilities and creativity where I can contribute with my experience and expertise to add value to the stories being told.

-For new work offered, I always look at whether the role is challenging, because I love challenges, whether the story being told is going to have a positive impact on the people who see it and also what other professionals are involved in the project. If all these things are aligned and the rate is fair, I'll take it.

-I've been able to act in both international studio films as well as in indie productions. My greatest achievement has been the diversity of roles and projects I've participated in, I'm proving that I can be very adaptable and receiving praise for my work is always rewarding.

-For my TV work as a presenter, I always prepare myself mentally and physically and remember that my job is to entertain and impact viewers positively, so that adds adrenaline to my performance and makes it energetic and natural. Fortunately many unions, the government and individuals in the USA are collaborating to help people in need as much as possible, which is very heartwarming and something else that makes me proud to be in the USA.

-My advice is to follow your instinct, to trust that if you lead with your heart, the results will follow. Remember that you should only do this if you're truly passionate about it and if you feel that you can add value to the lives of others by being a genuine and generous storyteller.

-I'm such a workaholic and appreciate so much the chance to be an actress in Hollywood that I don't really separate it. Acting is a lifestyle to me, and I'm so ambitious and driven and have such big goals regarding my career that I really need to put in all the work and attention I can to see them come to life.

-I'm currently shooting remotely for SHEIN MX, where I co-host a live fashion show. I'm part of the cast of TMI Hollywood, the longest running comedy sketch show in Los Angeles and they're doing live shows via zoom for our fans, so I'm doing that too. I'm prepping my role in an upcoming TV show and film project that I cannot talk about just yet and I'm also attached to other projects in development while we're still on lockdown.

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