by Sherif Awad


-The first time I realized I could sing was at a friend’s birthday. I randomly started singing this song and they all loved it so much that they made me sing it all night long. At first, I was embarrassed because I definitely wasn’t the most popular kid at school and now suddenly everyone was asking me to sing for them. The more I did it and the more I realized how happy and moved it made me and others I’ve been actively singing every since. I come from a very typical conservative LDS family in Idaho. I’m afraid they didn’t push me to sing very much, but they were loving. I think my love of music and dance have been inside me always. I didn’t discover my love of dance until I was a bit older though.

-My role models were people like Paramore, Digital Daggers, Starset, My Chemical Romance, Enya, Lindsey Sterling. I also really love Japanese and Korean pop! ❤️ My Dance role model was my dance teacher at BYU Hawaii, she was so kind and wonderful to me, she really helped me blossom. I also learned to model from Amber Evans who runs a talent studio in Utah. I’m not as good with theatre because acting was the only art I didn’t take to.

-I loved every minute of becoming a singer, dancer and model. I had wonderful teachers and they really did help me find something unique and special inside of me. It could definitely be frustrating when you’d hit a wrong note or fall during a turn or you weren’t doing the poses the photographer wanted you. It was absolutely worth all of the stumbles. Singing in particular just sets my soul on fire and I hope it does that to the people listening to me. I was in the hospital once and everyone was so tired and sick, so I started to sing softly and just that made such a difference in their countenance.

-I have no desire to be really famous, but I would like to be more well known than I am now I must admit. I just want my art to reach as many people as possible.

-I’ve been very fortunate and only had a few close calls particularly specifically with the modeling. A company lied to me about something that turned out to be a porn shoot and I was worried they weren’t going to let me leave. Fortunately I did get out of there. Most of my experiences have been amazing and I’ve been able to work with some very talented people. I suppose as a female model you are pressured to stay very thin, then again male models probably have a similar problem. The beauty industry can be so brutal sometimes. You do end up being a little paranoid about your looks.

-The entertainment industry in the United States can be very cutthroat but it can also be so much fun. I think people have amazing ideas and I hope to always be apart of it. There’s a lot of talent in this industry. I do think TV is going a little downhill if I’m to be honest. There’s a lot of ridiculous music out there, but there are still a lot of people with so much potential and I hope I can consider myself one of them.

-I take projects on an individual basis. Someone makes me an offer and if it sounds great, I'll take it, no matter how much travel or how taxing it could be. I once did a shoot in the Provo graveyard by Halloween where it was completely frigid and all I had on was a silk white halter dress. It was totally worth it though. The same when I had to wear these a Japanese style shoes that force your foot into a point. Also worth it 😉... I have worked for companies but right now I’m doing freelance so my schedule is a lot more flexible with freelance singing, dancing and modeling although I’d love to work a lot more.