Marilena Cotenescu


I was born in Bucharest and grew up in Germany since my childhood on. Part of my childhood I did enjoy in Romania, so I can speak this beautiful language too. I learned about the Romanian tradition and do appreciate that they have a high interest in Art and culture.
I was born as a gifted singer and my life is the path to complete my vocation. My singing abilities are completed with many other talents as well, like with dancing and acting, which already appeared when I was a child. My relatives had compared me even as a child with  well known great singers on the strength of my voice. At the age of four I also took part in a talent contest where I had won with my performances. As a child I started to dance to music by ABBA, Boney M., Elevis and many other great musicians.  At the age of four my mother discovered my talents, when she saw me in front of my mirror performing to the music in my room. It was easy for me to get 10 to 15 dolls at the same time and to speak for every one in an individual voice and creating in this way a big vocal orchestra.
I was a child when our family moved to Germany and my passion for music and dance continued as a burning fire in my heart. 
I started ballet and rhythmic gymnastics at the age of eight and successfully participated in many competitions.
First place in the national championship and fourth in the German National championship are my experiences in the rhythmic championship. I also learned classical ballet, jazz, tap dance at Ballet School and many other dance styles. By this way I started creating my own dynamic dance choreographies for myself and for groups as well and performed them Live on Stage.
As a singer, I started to cover songs at a very young age and I loved to perform live songs by Tina Turner. Many well-known singers such as Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams and Scorpions were a welcome inspiration for me. But as a kid and adolescent, I was interested in a variety of musical genres, so many great songs on the charts put my heart on fire. As a teenager I started writing my own songs and was discovered by a very famous producer. I made my first demo recording and from there on I produced a variety of music genres with several producers; Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, R & B, Dance, Trance & Country.
I love to sing and dance and to express this in a unique performance and musical works. I also took singing, piano and guitar lessons. My real instrument is my voice, soul and body. 
During my one-year stay in Sydney I created my first music video with the support of namesake companies such as 1st Avenue, Fox Studios, Vanguard Pictures, Sydney Theater Company, Ocean World, well-known dance choreographers and dancers. At the same time, the radio stations played my music australia wide and I received offers from record companies for a record deal. At that time I decided to continue my journey in Germany. I worked on my album and created more music videos. Releases, TV, radio plays and live on stage performances followed.
Also in the field of acting I have successfully occupied some TV roles, which were broadcast on television. My involvement in acting took place as a child, where I played entire plays. Even as a teenager, I got the main actor roles in the theater and I also received offers for television and cinema productions. Also in acting, I have been inspired by many great actors, including Doris Day, Bud Spencer & Terence Hill, Bruce Willis, Leonardo Dicaprio, Brad Pitt and many more.
I always knew in my heart that I am an international artist who is here on earth to give love, joyce, hope, confidence and courage for visions to this world. International interest for my music has already been shown in Australia as well as in the UK & USA.
As a female artist it was always very important for me to remain royalty for myself. Therefore, I have chosen collaborations which fulfilled ethical & moral values, which are according to my own principles and values. That’s why many offers in the field of music and acting during my whole career fell away. Fidelity to oneself and ideal values in creative fields has become rare these days, but for me this golden path is the only one true and correct way!
Artists are implementing their creative potentials and essence on this earth, and these must be protected for exploitation. 
At the present time, they do feel compelled not only to sell their art, but to sell themselves as a commodity, which has nothing to do with their artwork itself. 
They can be bent and got under pressure to go extremely beyond their own limits, which determines many hearts and souls sooner or later marked by pain and suffering. 
The delusion that younger and younger kids are forced to appear in the spotlight as a model, singer and actor increases pressure, where they feel compelled to take bad deals. This attitude is very widespread and includes adults artists as well. 
Many artists accept it because they are treated like a replaceable commodity. These people and their works reflect this. Therefore, it is no wonder that quality and culture has become a precious rarity worldwide.
I am happy that my experience as a model is good, for example during my holiday in California, a photographer discovered me in a store and asked me for a photo shoot. 
For each creative creation, it is important for me to listen to & be guided by the voice of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God. Through divine support, I am led to the chosen people. 
Every creative work requires the right souls which want to participate on it. When I do create creativity in my music or other arts, I always do it with love and joyce wholeheartedly and with enthusiasm and this is shining through the creation with an brilliant beauty.
For me it is important that the people and my environment around me are in harmony with love, appreciation and trust together. My work and privacy are bound through love, beauty and unity.
Love is the strongest we have on this earth and in the whole universe. We have to preserve these in our hearts and in our everyday lives. When we create everything through love, then people find their meaning in life and do not need to seek fulfillment in things.
My current vision is to invigorate love in human hearts with my music & art. Through my joyce in painting, I have also created another field to express my creativity, which also has an inspiring effect on me for my other creative areas too.
Through my love, which also spreads throughout my music and art worldwide as a radiant light of love, creates a burning fire that touches the hearts. New projects and music productions are on focus & take place now, which do open the consciousness and hearts of the humans. I look forward to the upcoming team, cooperation, projects and the glory adventure of life for all of us. 
New song Salvation is out now:
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